Jennifer Schwartz Selects on Fototazo

Added on by Ansley West Rivers.

I am honored to be selected along with Dorothy O'Connor, Katie Koti, Amelia Morris and Julien Mauve this month's feature by Jennifer Schwartz for Fototazo. 

Jennifer Schwartz Selects

The premise here is simple: to ask a curator, blogger, editor, photographer or other person involved in contemporary photography to select five portfolios of work that they are currently excited about to recommend to the rest of us, placing emphasis - ideally - on work that hasn't seen heavy rotation online. The portfolios are not presented in any sort of order.

The series comes from a belief that the Internet has a tendency to briefly cohere around certain projects and, longer-term, establish its own canon of photographers, distinct and separate from the gallery and museum canons.

While these dynamics have advantages, they also have the expense of promoting a limited number of projects on a large scale, frequently overshadowing other projects equal in quality. This series, then, seeks in particular to look for great photography that counterbalances heavily distributed projects. It also is part of a general interest I have for this site to go behind the limits of my single vision, personal knowledge and time.

Today's guest is Jennifer Schwartz. Her biography follows the post. For previous posts in this series, please see the site links page.

Nataly Castaño helped organize this post.